Executive Search




Alliance Search Management, Inc.’s (ASMI) repeopletained format search process provides a systematic, dedicated approach to identifying all viable candidates from targeted markets throughout the United States. We begin with an on-site consultation to assist the client in developing preferred candidate credential parameters and identified goals for the new leader. Our consultants then work closely with clients to develop a smooth, consistent and inclusive interview process. We facilitate every step of sourcing, evaluation, reference development and offer placement.

We incorporate the most current, sophisticated sourcing tools to quickly access the top candidates in the specific professional discipline of the engagement. Our 28-year presence in the healthcare provider industry has created a nation-wide network of contacts and referral mechanisms that are accessed and augmented on an on-going basis.

Our evaluation process is a progression of planned candidate interactions including phone and personal interviews, as well as documented responses. Our efforts and results are communicated to our client on a scheduled basis through a set of standardized reporting tools.

Our engagements focus as much on the search process as on candidate sourcing and presentation. Believing that a thorough, transparent and inclusive process is essential to delineating the organizational needs to be addressed by the new leader, our approach is to work with key stakeholders to identify challenges and assets facing the new leader. By first working to gain consensus regarding the needs of the organization, our process will identify candidates demonstrating the skills, experience, orientation and style that will be most indicative of success.