Interim Leadership

interim executive leadership


As a value-added service for our existing clients, we facilitate professional introductions to seasoned interim leadership.  All of our interim leaders have experience in transitional roles, with exceptional strength in:

  • board process facilitation
  • operational, cultural and financial assessment
  • crisis intervention skills

We can provide interim leaders for:

  • distressed organizations
  • organization stabilization and tactical initiatives continuation
  • market positioning and strategic planning completion

Interim leaders from outside the organization can afford the governing body:

  • a fresh perspective on operational and financial performance
  • assessment of community perspective
  • engagement and synergy development in the leadership council and board
  • stability and reliability in service delivery during the absence of a permanent leader
  • confidence building and consistent communication for staff during the search for a new leader
  • an opportunity to create a planned, phased timeline that defines the end, transition period and new beginning for the governing body, employee population and community
  • the ability to effect “heavy lifting” without associating the next permanent leader with the challenges of structural adaptation